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9007 HB5 LED Bulb 200W High Power Headlight

9007 HB5 LED Bulb 200W High Power Headlight

The line of  LED bulbs will give you 40,000 lumens of output, which is 900% brighter than your OEM halogen bulbs. Double heat-conducting copper tube design and super cooling system to ensure that the 9007/HB5 LED Headlight Bulbs can last up to 100,000 hours. Quick read and learn more. The LED headlight bulb provides maximum light output

Key Features of high-Performance LED Bulbs 9007 HB5

  • Headlight bulb replacement with 900% High Brightness

9007 LED bulbs use advanced lighting technology, carefully tried and tested to give you 9 times the brightness. The real brightness output of 200W 40,000 lumens will see you through the dark night.

  • A Focused Beam Model for your Front Lighting

The 9007 LED bulb uses an advanced CSP chip, which gives you a more focused beam model, no black spots and shadows, and prevents the light from interfering with oncoming vehicles, making your travel safer and more polite.

  • 600% Cooling Efficiency Extends the Life of 9007 Bulbs

One-piece aircraft-grade aluminium construction and high-speed rotating fan with fast bulb heat dissipation. Built-in copper substrate, equipped with double heat-conducting copper tubes to ensure that the LED 9007 bulb chip is normal, and the heat dissipation efficiency is increased by 600%

  • The Easiest Way to Install 9007 LED Bulbs

9007 LED bulb conversion kit with external drive design, high power and higher applicability in the vehicle, suitable for 99% of cars in the market, with no light flickering and code errors. One-piece bulb design, plug and play, quick installation in 5 minutes.

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Specifications of the 9007 HB5 LED Bulb

  • Light mode: Dual Beam
  • Bulb type: 9007 (HB5)
  • Light power: 200W/pair (100W/bulb)
  • Lumen output: 20,000 lm/set (40,000 lm/bulb)
  • Color temperature: Bright white 6500K
  • External/ Internal Controller: External
  • Lifespan: More than 100,000 hours
  • Waterproof: IP68
  • Connection type: Plug and Play
  • Voltage: DC9-32V

9007 HB5 LED Bulb Installation Guide

  • Dismantling the vehicle’s original bulb.
  • Hold the bulb by the heatsink, turn the retaining ring counterclockwise until it comes loose, and then remove it.
  • Install the retaining ring on the vehicle light cover and lock it in place. Insert the original vehicle light holder into the vehicle cover, turn it clockwise and lock it in place.
  • Slide the LED bulb through the secure retaining ring. Align the protrusions of the LED bulb with the grooves of the retaining ring.
  • Push down on the LED bulb and rotate it clockwise until it stops rotating, then lock the LED bulb in place. Make sure the LED chips are facing the 3 and 9 o’clock positions. Connect the LED bulb connector to the vehicle’s original connector.

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