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How To Become A Professional Female Boxer

How To Become A Professional Female Boxer

Boxing is believed to be a men’s type of sport, but who said women could not become professional boxers? Well, women should not fear and they should follow their dreams. Though the journey is challenging because of discrimination from male players, this should not put you down at any point in your life.

Once you are determined and strong enough, nothing will pull you down. All you need to do is put your best foot forward and wait for the results to bear fruit. Never allow any negative words to put you down at any point of your life. Women boxers can be as great as male boxers and even beat them far and prove everyone wrong.

With a bit of training and determination, women can become amazing boxers too and can also be part of the UFC group in a split second. As long as they do the same things the male fighters do, they will be okay. The only thing they should do is put in more effort so that you can be identified quickly and fast.

It would help if you still started as an ameture player too. You will be going to the gym to train with your fellow men, and this is what makes many women feel like they can’t make it, since they don’t have the same strength as men, but that’s not the case because once you have completed your training, you will be as strong as the men in the gym. You can go through the link to learn more about how to become a great woman boxer.

Before you visit the link and learn more about women boxers, we will talk about ways of becoming a great woman boxer, and the methods include;

Stay In The Right Shape

Boxing is a type of sport similar to martial arts and sports like taekwondo and aikido. To be a boxer, you must control both your feet and hands well, and boxing is not just about punching a person. It needs discipline.

Boxing allows you to add and Lose weight simultaneously, which is an advantage both ways. You carry out several exercises ranging from Zumba to lifting weights. Through these exercises, your muscles become more robust, and you gain flexibility and abs, which protect you from the heavy punches you will get.

Virtues that boxing teaches you to include;

  • Provides you with overall fitness.
  • Allows you to establish your dream body.
  • Boxing allows you to lose some inches on your legs, arms, and hips.
  • It enhances your cardio too.

When you’re focusing on losing weight first, the best exercise for you is a sweatbox because it allows you to sweat a lot, and through sweating, you lose several calories.

Know The Difference Between Female And Male Boxing

Men’s boxing is the most known sport as compared to women boxing. Many people air and come to watch men compared to women boxing because it is a sport considered for men only. Since you will not be having a lot of competition from other women, it is an advantage and a disadvantage on your side, but we will focus more on the advantage side.

When it comes to disciplines, men and women’s discipline is quite the same, and it varies just a little bit. There is the equipment needed for both men and women boxers, and they include;

  • Boxing gloves.
  • Mouth protector.
  • Boxing shoes.
  • Shin pads.
  • Boxing shorts.
  • Whacking backpack.
  • Jabbing globe.

Women Boxing Pictures | Download Free Images on Unsplash

Women can participate in boxing, but many women prefer educational boxing, such as being fit and getting in great shape while as for men, they train so that they can be great competitors in the ring

Understand Different Types Of Women Boxing

Due to the traditional type of boxing, it is challenging to know the best form of boxing that fits women. Most women usually hesitate when it comes to battle boxing and aptitude boxing. Battle boxing requires good technique and strength, while aptitude boxing focuses on your health and fitness.

Types of common types of boxing that men participate in but women can participate in include;

  • French boxing.
  • British boxing.
  • Thai boxing.
  • Chinese boxing.
  • American boxing.

There is another type of boxing called light contact that mainly focuses on global play tactics and not your effectiveness to hit your opponent. This type-in f boxing has several syntheses as these maga and self-defence.

These boxing types mainly focus on fitting your body to handle any impact brought to you with ease.


Becoming a woman boxer is not a difficult task. All you need to know is the type of boxing that will fit you best. Doing the exercises, you will learn as you go to the gym will help you out with this.