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Steps to a Safer Reopening of Office Spaces

Steps to a Safer Reopening of Office Spaces

Employers must remember to prioritize safety when many employees return to a more traditional work setting. They should limit unnecessary travel based on state and municipal guidelines, ask employees who commute to work to adjust to teleworking and teach all managers on recommended safety measures. This training can be done entirely online.

Employers should also provide information on how to conduct daily health checks, plan for when an employee falls unwell, maintain a healthy workplace, and when to consider shutting due to illness.

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Before reopening, employers should follow these steps:

1. Screenings.

Create a system for all employees to be screened for their health.

2. Sanitize.

Disinfect the workplace and make any necessary changes so that personnel can exercise physical distancing simply.

3. Phasing.

Create a step-by-step plan for returning to work, based on risk and exposure levels.

4. Hygiene.

Make a plan for dealing with ill staff and promote excellent hygiene.

5. Mental health.

Share support tools and policies with your employees to help them with their mental and emotional wellness.

6. Tracing.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, adopt rigorous contact tracing procedures if workers become ill.

7. Engagement plan.

Notify staff ahead of time that they will be returning to their pre-coronavirus work environment. Consider dividing employees into various groups depending on their job functions and reintroducing groupings or departments one at a time.

8. Training.

Your organization’s leaders and managers should be educated on the foundations of safety. Risk assessment and hazard recognition, as well as COVID-19’s mental and wellness-related effects, are among these fundamentals. Long after the pandemic has passed, your staff will be affected.

9. Communication.

Make a plan for communicating with employees about their return to work that is open and transparent.

10. Assessment.

Outline the major considerations you’re utilizing as a guide to create a clear structure for the incredibly difficult decision to return to work.

Employers should only go to the next phase if they can guarantee a particular level of physical separation, thorough cleaning and disinfection, and worker and consumer protection.

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