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Athena Healthcare ERP – Some Details About Its Integration!

Athena Healthcare ERP – Some Details About Its Integration!

Athenahealth EHR was developed to help healthcare companies provide coordinated health care. It combines six distinct components: Customer Management, Data Management, Accountancy, Data cleansing, and Financial Capability. The result is a complete picture of the health care facility. The primary objective is to improve quality and operational efficiency. AthenaHealth is used in the United States by hospitals and other medical practices as well. AthenaHealth has licensed companies that manage the technology and provide support.

In the clinical environment, Athenahealth EHR provides complete information about patient care. It is used for small clinics up to large, multi-specialty hospital systems. They’re rated #1 for practices with less than 11-hour providers. Used across the entire 50 state area by more than 100 different medical billing and medical benefit providers, Athenahealth proves itself to be extremely adaptable. They provide their clients with the tools to manage their data effectively and in a cost-effective manner.

As an industry leader, Athenahealth aligns its technological needs with its clients’ medical needs. All of their products are designed to reduce the healthcare provider’s time while providing maximum performance. Their goal is to become the one-stop-shop for all of their customers’ needs. Athena healthcare provides cloud-based EHR, medical billing, medical benefit software, and medical coding and billing software. Their software also allows their clients to utilize electronic communication and remote medical records.

Athena healthcare implements its EHR solutions into six modules: Client Operations, EMR Implementation, Medical Record Administration, Revenue Cycle Management, Security Management, and Billing and Account Receivable Tracking. They implement these solutions in two different ways. They first provide complete end-to-end EHR solutions. These solutions are comprised of customized client-server and client portals. This includes application functionality, database administration, quality assurance testing, and training.


The second method Athena healthcare uses to implement their EHR software is through outsourced customer support. Outsourced customer support gives clients a full assortment of product and service choices from their internal resources and third-party vendors. In addition, this removes the headaches that come with maintaining their networks, technical equipment, and staffing. Despite the pros and cons of this approach, Athenahealth has found great results with this method.

Athena healthcare utilizes two different approaches for their outsourced customer support. One solution integrates their EHR with CRM data from vendors, including Microsoft; the other utilizes on-demand or rapid response capabilities offered by outsourced call center operators. While both have pros and cons associated with them, this combination proves to be the most effective at increasing productivity and lowering cost while simultaneously increasing productivity, reducing medical claims and processing time, and improving quality and satisfaction. Here are some of the advantages of integrating your Athenahealth EHR system with their CRM data:

While there are many disadvantages of using an Athenahealth ERP, these two solutions stand out as the best. The benefits of utilizing these solutions are a user-friendly interface, excellent integration options, and integrated communication between the vendor and client. Using these products is great reporting functionality, access to structured data, and streamlined inventory management. The cons of using these products are heavy dependence upon outside vendors for technical support, poor Athenahealth ERP systems after the purchase, and poor training and product knowledge. Both solutions deliver quality services. To determine which would be right for your organization, take time to research both solutions before making a final decision.

As previously mentioned, these are the pros and cons that Athenahealth EHR provides. This brief overview should help you determine if this type of solution is right for your company. We recommend asking your physician what they think about Athenahealth ERP. It should be easy to make an informed decision and quickly get the benefits of an integrated medical recording and data management system with all the facts.