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What Is Link Building and How Does It Work? Lessons from a Digital Marketing Agency

What Is Link Building and How Does It Work? Lessons from a Digital Marketing Agency

In the present age of advanced digital media supremacy, link building, SEO strategy, and digital marketing function as the keys to growth for businesses of all types, sizes, and industries. Advanced data visualizations, comprehensive site strategy, and keyword target research are all massive pieces of the overall SEO strategy approach that businesses are taking in order to compete in today’s interconnected world.

Link Building

In no uncertain terms, link building is the most important component of the overall SEO strategy that brands are adopting these days. Link building is a core feature of SEO processes (or Search Engine Optimization), and anchoring your site strategy with high-quality backlink and other link building processes is a surefire way to increase organic traffic in short order. Because of the potency of great link hierarchy, brands of all sizes are looking to increase the connectivity of their entire website with the help of SEO processionals and digital PR services. It’s the backbone of great SEO implementations.

Backlinks Boost Revenue


In today’s world, billions of people use the internet—and particularly social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram—on a daily basis to find product descriptions, reviews, and other consumer information. We all trust in a network of information provided by influencers and other consumers on social media platforms, review sites, and other places where users congregate in the digital realm. No longer do people meet up in person to discuss the things they use and enjoy on a daily basis; the primary means of communication for the purpose of word-of-mouth marketing comes through the digital sphere.

Backlink generation is the foundation of this network of influence that consumers rely on to make informed decisions about future purchases and even their current usage of goods and services. Backlinks are essentially a metric of trust in the content that appears on your page. When other digital content creators link to your work, they are signaling a trust in the words that you’ve committed to the page. Case studies of all sorts cite great backlink structure as a primary means of generating greater traffic to your site and higher revenue as a result.

When more people are exposed to the content that you are putting out into the digital world, you have to spend less time focused on generating direct consumer interactions and have more opportunities to continue creating great products, services, and digital content that will galvanize even greater consumer interaction. The more clicks you receive, the more chance there is for customer conversions while advertising revenue skyrockets alongside sales as well.

This is great news for a sales team that is struggling to gain traction in the market, and it provides excellent staying power for your brand more generally. With a partner in your corner, like LinkGraph, SEO and Digital Marketing Agency, getting the results you need to drive continued success in your industry doesn’t have to be an ongoing challenge. SEO firms like LinkGraph provide digital marketing expertise that ranges from technical SEO and content strategy services to PPC campaigns and keyword ranking and research processes. A full-service SEO firm is a must for any business looking to make serious movements within their industry. Taking on the larger competition is all about leverage and positioning. With the help of an SEO professional at your side, building your digital footprint into a contender can be done in weeks or months rather than years.

SEO and backlink building are core components of a great digital media presence. With the help of a professional content strategy service on your side, making this leap forward is easy.